Artist Bio

When personal differences are put aside, two seemingly opposite forces can co-exist and create in harmony. BellaPhame was the manifestation of this idea: through their shared personal experiences, Bella (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and Justin (Brooklyn, New York) realized the potential of collaborative effort and how together they were able to create a greater offering. By learning and sharing with each other on a daily basis, they utilized their diverse backgrounds to create a synergy present in the use of colors and content of their work. The recognizable green and purple color palette, a visual representation of their separate forces existing in balance, ties together all of the varied artistic production, from murals to paper collages and digital illustration. In 2016, Bella and Justin took one step further on their creative journey and moved to Portugal, where they’re currently based. The experience of living abroad inspired and enhanced their openness, impacting the intention behind their art practice. BellaPhame’s main goal became to share through their work the importance of connection and collaboration, using the word search game as an interactive tool to spread this message and engage with the public. They’ve had two solo exhibitions in Portugal and the United States and participated in several collective exhibitions. Their murals can be found across cities in the U.S., Brazil, Portugal and Mexico.

Art Style

Color Palette