Saba Hamidi

Artist Bio

Using primarily organic and geometric shapes & patterns, Saba creates extremely detailed abstract designs that use flow and repetition to present strikingly dynamic images and backdrops. Intentionally ambiguous, the designs are meant to showcase a series of images & visual cues that can engage the broadest range of communities, cultures, and identities. As a ‘Visual Storyteller,’ Saba gravitates toward media & subject matter that can be used as tools to heal, unite, inspire and bridge divides. For her, the most important works are those that, through collaboration and listening, generate dialogue, enhance a sense of community, and tell stories that need to be heard (and seen). // An experienced designer for over ten years in the creative industry - from landscape architecture to graphic design - Saba leverages her strong visual communication skills and a lifelong commitment to the creative arts to effectively share ideas. With a human-centered approach, her focus lies in driving an idea from conceptualization to implementation through storytelling, installations, exhibits, digital graphics, and print collateral. Saba is skilled in design strategy, conceptualization, and visual storytelling, with expertise in digital renderings, illustration, and medium to large scale mural installation. // Saba was born in Iran, currently lives in Baltimore, and roams about the world as much as possible!

Art Style

Color Palette