How do I Reserve a wall?

In just a few steps, you can submit a proposed budget to the owner of the property you are interested in. Simply, search the map by selecting your city and type of wall you are interested in. Hit “SEARCH”. Click through the pages, find a wall in a location that interests you Once you see a wall you are interested in, review the listing by checking out the stats of the wall. Building composition, size, total square feet and what accommodations are on site. We provided these details so you can give a fair estimated quote for the wall. Click the RESERVE button – this will take you to “RESERVE A WALL” page. (We are working on syndicating the listing ID to the reserve form). On the Reserve A Wall Page, fill out the form per the project details. Using the wall dimensions, submit your proposal based on the project/wall size. Feel free to use the calculator for some quick math. Submit the reservation! Once we receive the proposal, we will introduce your project proposal to the property owner.

What is considered a community wall?

A community wall is a wall that an owner has allowed WXLLSPACE to market for artwork. These walls are approved but there is no payment. It’s all up to the artist to supply the travel to/from the site, ladders, scaffolding, materials, supplies, paint, setup, insurance. The property owner does not have the opportunity of artistic input if no money is exchanged. All murals must be created for all ages of eyes unless under explicitly determined & agreed upon circumstances by all involved in its creation and experience afterward. In the even you want to paint a piece in a new city or just need to bring a new style to life, reserve a community wall near you.

Can I reserve a wall anywhere?

Yes, you can reserve any community wall. To Reserve a wall, provide your information to the curator, upload your portfolio info or any previous work and await an approval. We will introduce the curator or owner to your work. Once approved you can start painting as soon as the property is available.

What does it cost me?

WXLLSPACE bills a commission fee to the property owner based on your project quote – that way you are paid what you are owed for your work.

How are artists work protected in this process?

Owners sign a non-compete when marketing their space on the WXLLSPACE platform. In our agreement it is strictly forbidden to shop another person’s Intellectual property for a better “price”.


WXLLSPACE is a marketplace platform that connects muralists and street artists to legal and commissioned spaces for creative placemaking.

What is considered a commissioned wall?

A commissioned wall is simply a wall where the owner has allowed WXLLSPACE to market the property for a mural project.

How do you navigate the permit process?

Once we receive a submission of a project, we immediately submit permit applications approval.

Why was WXLLSPACE created?

The WXLLSPACE platform was created with the intent of reversing the way the mural process was done. Normally artists are canvassing neighborhoods tracking down property stakeholders or if they have a well established portfolio, are chosen for projects. This platform was created to bring artist to these owners to level the playing field and give more opportunities to the creatives in places they otherwise may not have had.

How does one get chosen for a specific project?

When an artists submits a proposal for a wall, we receive the inquiry and present your proposal to the owner. We modeled the platform this way, to level the playing field so artist are not only properly valuing their work, but so that owners are provided a range of artists that are available and within budget. We do not curate any projects as we do not want to be biased of any persons work. We’ve developed this so artists are provided with a fair and equal opportunity to create.

What if law enforcement shows up while I am painting?

All commissioned artists are provided with a Space Pass, in the event you have any issues with authorities, just scan the custom QR code which brings up the permission agreement, permit info and contact of any WXLLSPACE.

Do I get paid for painting the walls?

All of the walls on the WXLLSPACE platform are available to paint. Please read descriptions thoroughly to understand the complete scope of the project.

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